Renovation vs Remodeling: Which Works Best For You?

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October 11, 2021

Many people don’t know that there is a difference between renovation and remodeling. Yet, it is important to understand these terms as a building owner. We will shed more light on both terms and explain how to know which works best for you. 


In a lame man’s term, renovation makes something new again. In construction, renovation is renewing an already existing building or structure by fixing things that are already present in it or sometimes, adding new fixtures. 

Renovation in real estate is a broad term that covers repairs, installing new fixtures, and adding finishes. It is important to note that the original design of a building or structure is never changed dramatically when carrying out a renovation. 

For instance, if a renovation project is carried out in your home, your kitchen will remain a kitchen and the same goes with every other room in the house. Basically, you would only be repairing, upgrading, or tweaking the rooms to meet an improved standard. 


On the other hand, remodeling is a more detailed procedure that involves changing the functionality or design of a room or structure. When remodeling, you are altering the layout, structure, design, or sometimes, the functionality of the building. 

Remodeling is more rigorous because you may be tearing down a wall, expanding rooms, and redesigning layouts. However, you should note that remodeling doesn’t always have to be a major project. Sometimes, it can be as minor as changing the functionality of a room. Once a structure has been altered in any type of way, it has been remodeled. 

Remodeling involves adding or removing walls, raising ceilings, expanding the square foot of buildings, and many more. Something as simple as turning a bedroom into an office space is considered a remodel. In the same vein, constructing an additional room to your home is also a remodel.

Renovation vs Remodel: How to know which is right for you

Before embarking on a renovation or remodeling project, you have to ask yourself some important questions. This will help you determine what works best for you. 

- What exactly do you want to change? 

If you are okay with the design and layout of your current building and you want to change some things or perhaps, make some repairs, then renovation is definitely what you need. However, if you are looking at a complete makeover that includes changing the design, functionality, or layout of one or more rooms, then you need a remodel

- What is your budget? 

Generally, remodeling costs more than renovations since it involves changing the physical structure of a building. This comes with extra projects like reconfiguring the wirings, plumbings, and many more. Renovation on the other hand is less complex and cheaper. However, the final cost will be determined by the scope of the project and the materials involved. 

- Which has a better return on investment (ROI)? 

Generally, renovation has a better ROI because it involves repairs and updating basic features in the building which helps increase property value. Making your structure bigger or changing some of its functionality through a remodel is good but when you neglect repairs and upgrades, buyers or tenants may be reluctant to stay. 

Getting started in renovation/remodeling

Now that you know what works best for your structure, choosing the right professional to do the job is equally important. We can carry out all your remodeling/renovation projects. Contact us today to get a quote and let’s get to work!

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